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Осознал, что не хочу видеть в команде Стивена Джеррарда. Человек не играет, не хочет этого делать, не хочет выполнять работу капитана и подводит всю команду. К чёрту такого капитана. К чёрту. Пустое место.

На RAWK тоже идёт обсуждение этого. Не первое. Понравился пост болельщика с пятидесятилетним стажем:
pal he isnt even the best liverpool player ever, nevermind captain, he isnt fit to lace the late great Emlyn Hughes's boots, you have some godlike adoration to him, probably too much SSN and not enough commonsense!

I have seen better captains than him for decades here, everyone of them went through a loss of form or appetite for the game, but none of them ever went missing in a game, living in their own little insular world and not trying to lift the team around them!

He is too selfish to be a leader, if he cannot do it and wallow in the headlines and fan worship, he doesn't want to inspire others to do it instead!

Get the armband off him, give it Pepe his enthusiasm and passion will lift the team, and then see how Stevie plays without the armband, and if he is still doing his Les Dawson impression get him sold, we had his best years anyway and the club is more important than just one players ego, legend or not!

И ещё от него же:

Simple question, captains are supposed to be the manager representative on the pitch, both on the same wavelength, a captain is supposed to inspire or lift players around them to play better, a captain is supposed to look after the players and step in when there is some trouble on the pitch, a captain is supposed to yes bollock people but also encourage people around them in order to motivate them to play out of their skin for the club.

Is this a description of Stevie all season and if not do you think he is a good enough captain for this Club, or is he part of this seasons problems rather than the solution to them!

Nobody is slagging him off as a great player, but his negative attitude can deflate all the people around him and it can suck the energy out of the team collectively!

We see this looking at the bigger picture but do you?

Согласен. С ним.
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