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Пришло с rawk письмо. Может кто из московских френдов сможет подсобить с поиском информации.


Sorry to bother you, but I've seen that you submitted the links for where to watch LFC in Russia.

I work for the Football Supporters' Federation (www.fsf.org.uk) and we are currently putting together a guide for Moscow for Aston Villa, who are playing against CSKA in a month's time.

If you have any information that you think should be included in the guide (or any links to any good English language information about Moscow) that would be a great help. Naturally a Google brings up the various Wikipedia pages, and also the odd guide to the city, but any 'insider' knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Если у вас есть ссылки на хорошие материалы о Москве или статьи в электронном виде, поделитесь, плиз.

PS Интересно, какая фамилия у этого Гарета? 8-)
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