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Liverpool players get a bit shirty

LIKE A group of starstruck fans, three Standard Liege players, including their American defender Oguchi Onyewu and forward Dieudonne Mbokani, knocked on the door of the Liverpool dressing-room on Wednesday night after the Champions League qualifying game between the teams and asked the kitman, who came to the door, if they could swap their shirts with three Liverpool players.

The trio handed their shirts to the kitman, who disappeared back in to the dressing-room, and waited in the corridor. Five minutes later he reappeared and handed their shirts back to them, informing them that none of the Liverpool players wanted them, so there'd be no swapping.

The three walked away, with a less than impressed Onyewu noting a certain lack of respect from their hosts.
Если это правда, то мне стыдно за наших игроков.
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