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Ещё раз про SaveGaelic.org

Пришло от них очередное письмо. Думаю, мало ли, а вдруг кому пригодится то, о чём они пишут?

Hi there Ivan

One of the things most commonly asked for of Save Gaelic is translation requests, English to Gaelic in particular. From short phrases and words for tattoos to letters and documents, even whole web sites.

We would therefore like to introduce Cainnt Cultural Services.

Cainnt Cultural Services is a professional Scottish Gaelic translation business launched in April 2007 by Donald Macsween, a native Scottish Gaelic speaker and based in Scotland.

You can visit the website at: www.cainnt.co.uk

If you have website or blog then we encourage you to link to the Cainnt website. This is a great service and one we should all be proud to promote since there are very few Scottish Gaelic translation services.

Le meas,

Save Gaelic
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